Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kolkata - My City Of Dreams

Dunno why I stick to this title, but I kinda found a poem which brings back nostalgic memories. This was my first poem in class 7. Since I am leaving the city finally for a long period of time, I think it's apt to post this today. Don't laugh if its too kiddish.

As dawn breaks its hazy light,
Illuminates the city from the night,
We take a walk into memory lane,
To ruminate on this city again.
Kolkata The City of Joy!
There are so many things to say, Oh Boy!
The rossogollas and mishtis galore
Makes your mouth water more and more
The phuchka and aloo fries,
Amid all the nostalgic sighs.
The trams and the metro rail,
Makes your destination, without fail!
To the Victoria Memorial or the High Court
Definitely as famous as the Red Fort.
Kolkata - My City Of Dreams
Life is incomplete without you, it seems.

But there are sides of the city,
That lowers its dignity.
Like the air we breathe, never so pure
The water we drink, polluted I am sure!
It is up to us, the residents of town,
To make things better, without a frown.
The homelessness of the people, so many
Whose life has no sunshine, O so rainy!
The children playing on the streets with glee
Sends out a message, a silent plea.
It is up to us, again I say,
Turning things around, in our own little way.
So join hands all you people out there,
To make this city, beautiful and fair.
Kolkata - My City of Joy
With your future we cannot toy.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Act Of God



"How was your day? Mine was bad. Ma was crying today."

"Don't worry, it's ok, it will be alright! I am God, I will help you."

"You are God? Really, you're MAD! And you are a pompous assole..."

"...and I am God...."

"Oh no, you are high, aren't you?"

Yes, yes he was high. As usual, his sense of vision was blurred, the marijuana hits the bloodstream fast. Makes you see things that you never get to see. Makes you wanna touch the sky when you are way down there on the ground anyway. He writhed on his bed, like a snake, talking gibberish.

"So Mr. God, I am going away, what do you have to say about that?"

"God will help you stay here. He will give you the wings to come back to him over and over again. Ask God and he will give you anything he wants."

"What the hell? What are you talking about? Here I am trying get it into your head that I am going away in three days and you go on talking crap! Really!"

"Don't worry, I am God. I will help you"

"Ya, ya, I am going to sleep."

"Ya, am sure God loves you."

"Really? You love me?"

"Ya. God loves everybody."

"UFFFF. I am hanging up."

"You dare hang up on God?"

The engaged tone said that she did dare hang up on God.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I won't be blogging...

I have been going through a few of the blogs perched on the left of this page and I decided, "What the hell am I doing here?" "I don't belong here!" The sheer amount of intellectual and thoughtful writing that goes along far outweighs the sad mush and depressives I have been trying to dish out. That is why I have decided, this ain't for me. There are so many other bloggers who post better than me, more frequently than me and definitely write more sense than me. What is the point of it all? Who would read my absolutely irrelevant blog anyway? Duh! I highly apologise to any person who have had the sad sense of anticipating my works. Sorry people, accept it, you have bad taste!

Furthermore, if you really wanna read good writings, visit all the blogs on the left of the screen. All of them are worth a read, especially Brinda's, Rajarshi's, Bedatri's and Darshana's.