Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Atheist Diaries

Dear God,

Hi. Nice day, isn’t it? Btw, do you exist? If you do, do you know that we exist? If you know that, do you know why people hurt others so much? Why do people kill so much? Do you know that some people kill others for sport? Apparently not. Then, you would do something, right?

Without much further ado, let me get into what I wanted to say. I say that people are finally tired of dying. Yup, I am finally tired of trying to go out into the road afraid that any day I might just be sent to you for no rhyme or reason. After all what is my fault? Is it my fault that I hope to live? Or mine that I believe that you exist? Or still mine that someday that I may love and that I may have children only for them to be sent to you for fun. No sir! That is not happening. Tell you what, I need this from you, in order of preference:

  1. I need you to send a reply to this mail, a.s.a.p
  2. I need you to start killing those who kill for sport
  3. I need you to start taking prayers seriously
  4. I need you to decide between good and bad
  5. I need you to finally stop sleeping and do something

When you do these things, I will know that you exist; else I am sorry to say that the world will not be tolerant anymore. Your happy-go-lucky attitude has cost us a lot already, and people are not so tolerant that they will just sit back and watch others die.

Nice day, isn’t it? I hope you reply soon. And yes, since you are immortal, I don’t mean soon to be another half a million years.

Thanking You,




Punk Princess said...

believing in existence of God or not is all upon your faith. When you have nothing going in life , all you need is some hope. You can find that hope by having faith in something which may not exist , a facade , a sham myth , a virtual comfort you might argue , nonetheless its good enough if you can persevere through the dark and wait for the dawn....

for an atheist , Erich von daniken might be an interesting read!

swati said...

there were times when even i was an atheist but there is something in which you should hope and sometimes my prayers were answered.It is entirely upto one to choose to be an atheist or not.But at the end of the day it is your works that pay and not merely prayers.

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

The moment you address it to Dear God, it is more agnostic than atheist, isn't it?