Wednesday, September 30, 2009


What are those theories again?
That slow them down to a mellow standstill.
Of hopeless dreams, and countless memories
Breathing down upon exhilarating darkness,
Casting light on the wrong shadow
And making sure the cake remains unbaked.

Where has the music disappeared?
The slow rhythmic nonsense that spledoured
With brilliant hues of scarlet and plum
And dancing fairies who can still hear it play!
Neutralising the nausea of ecstasy while paying tribute to agony
We sink again to limitless boundaries.

Why do we find action in stagnation?
The vivid blur of activity drowned in sharpness
When the telephone rings to engage
And to engage we need a diamond ring
Sparkling, blinding, overbearing emptiness
Rekindling the master candle to reprieve light.

Where are we now?
Hovering on the tips of the deepest sea
Walking along the forbidden path onto a reverie
Or are we truly on the road to sublime three-sixty
Breaking apart the hollows of suzerainty
Or the zenith of servitude?