Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Golden River

This poem is about a river. It was a pictographic essay competition in college and I wrote this. By God's grace it won, see how you like it an please do comment. I'll try and post the picture too....

As the tips of gold ripple by,
Reflecting the orb of the sky
We glorify our golden past,
Hollow light their shadows cast
Rhythm of sorrow, guilt and pain,
Come let’s visit them again
As the river of life so dawns,
We are reminded of all the wrongs
Yet the golden hue does blind,
Life my friend is one of a kind!

The calm of water, oh so pure,
All the pain they wash to cure
They rinse, they run, for everyone
They clean, they cleanse, they shun no one
Yet some scars still do remain,
Some grief that leave a permanent stain
Yet the light which shines is always gold,
Reminding you of times of old
The river leaves you far behind,
Life, my friend is one of a kind!

If benefit is what you seek,
You are the river, don’t be meek
The washermen on your humble shore,
Take from you what you have in store
To give and take, we were born,
Not to hate and never to scorn
Hence light plays upon your breast,
Lays the golden egg in your nest
‘Coz help is what you have in mind,
And life my friend is one of a kind!

As the mighty river flows on and on,
He meets his kind with time begone
He loves, he hates, he converges,
Within his heart, emotion surges
He thrashes, he floods, he shows anger,
He cries, he mellows, he may blunder
Yet dawn always brings golden light,
Carving out ones inner fight
With this river we shall all bind,
‘Coz life my friend is of this kind!